Come to Flower Market all the Flower Lovers~! It’s PARADISE here~!

Have you ever dreamed about paradise? Is it a place full of colorful blooms and sweet scents? Come to Hong Kong’s Flower Market then~ Because it is as beautiful as PARADISE~!

Flower Market, located in Mong Kok, is one of the biggest flower markets in Hong Kong. It contains two streets–Yuen Po Street and Flower Market Road. They are filled with different types of flower stores, especially Flower Market Road. For you flower lovers, you can find all kinds of flowers and plants here~!

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Walking along the Flower Market Road, you will be amazed by the beautiful flowers and nice scents. Both cut flowers and growing plants can be found here in different shops. Some shops only sell a particular type such as orchids, other majorities offer wide range of types according to the season.

The shops here are always filled with interested people all year around. But on festivals such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve and especially Chinese New Year, it is most busy and lively here. On these special days, people will come to the market and carefully select flowers, so that they can express their love to others or invite good luck and fortune.

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In the middle of Flower Market Street, you will find a beautifully-decorated flower shop called Brighten. It is the biggest and most famous flower store on Flower Market Street.

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When entering the shop, it seems like we are stepping into a fairy tale. It is so beautiful that it can make you will feel happy and relaxed here. Also, this shop is like a well-decorated and highly-organized plant supermarket~!

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In this store, no matter you like cut flowers, pot plants, seeds or bulbs, you can always find something interesting. Besides flowers and plants, there are also pots, garden tools and accessories sold here.


6 DETAIL-2_meitu_5

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For people who want to find some peace in the big city, or people who want to buy some flowers to celebrate festivals, or people who just love flowers and plants, why not just come to the Flower Market and have a good time here~!

Can’t wait to visit Flower Market? Find more information here:

Address:  Flower Market Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon





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