Japanese Afternoon T-Set at NOBU InterContinental to Book Now

Tired of the traditional 3-tiered tray of English afternoon tea? Here comes the good news! You can enjoy the innovative new-style Japanese afternoon tea with a classic view of Victoria Harbor at NOBU InterContinental now. 


NOBU’s Simply T-Set boasts a selection of Umami (savory) and sweet Japanese delicacies, served with Rishouen green tea or coffee, priced at HK$488 for two and HK$288 for one. If you are looking for a little more, opt for the Glassy or Fizzy for more drinks.


Umami items include a Yuba Bun, Harumaki, Hokkaido Cheese and Taomagoyaki.





Sweet items include a matcha waffle (served with Lavender honey, goma cream and Japanese apple jam), mini soba dorayaki with Earl Grey ganache and chestnut filling, warabi mochi and an amai spoon.




Tips from the blogger:

Since the NOBU T-Sets are only available on weekends from 2:30pm—5:00pm, advance reservation will ensure you seats with a great view of the harbor. Having a walk along Victoria Harbor after the tea time will also be a good choice for enjoying the terrific night view of Hong Kong.




For further information and reservations, please contact

 NOBU, 2/F, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2313 2323, www.noburestaurants.com


A New-comer in Hong Kong?Survival Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

” Welcome! You’ve arrived, navigated immigration, found your temporary accommodation (no doubt smaller than expected), unpacked your bags and are ready to show HK what you’re made of. But there are a few hitches; you have zero contacts in your phone, have no idea where to buy dinner other than 7 Eleven and nothing to do on Friday night. Many of us have been there, but the good news is, it doesn’t take long to feel settled in this little SAR.…”

150130-SHK-DCG-MovingToHK                              ( source: http://www.sassyhongkong.com/hk-moving-ten-top-survival-tips-whatsonhk/)

As I am a totally fresher and know nobody at the very first time I came here, tears may come at everywhere — watching a movie with  no accompany at the cinema,  assembling flat-pack furniture however screwed up at home, or getting lost on the street. Are you undergoing exactly the same situation I’m talking about? If in that case, here are several tips right for you to settle in quickly.

Besides opening a bank account, you should register a new phone number first. Once being connected to the internet world, you can easily fix a lot by downloading functional App, such as Google maps, OpenRice, MTR…..It is also easy to find people who share similar backgrounds with you on the internet today. Getting into a group can not only enrich your new life here, but also give you more possibilities for work. Meet Ups would be a great choice for starting explore. Feeling lonely and exhausted after a whole week’s work? Don’t make things worse by sleeping in until mid-day or staying indoors all day. Go out for exercise and get to know your new surroundings. (guides for outdoor exercise, click here)

“Hong Kong is not London, New York, Sydney or wherever you are from, so don’t try to make it so. So go on, have a good old cry, treat yourself to a hot chocolate and keep going!”

hong-kong-wallpaper-1920x1080-download-1920x1080-hong-kong-street-hdr-wallpaper   (Source: Google images)

 Wanna see more details? please Click: SASSY HONG KONG: Moving to Kong Kong — Top Ten Survival Tips