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Redress  is a Hong Kong based NGO,aiming at promoting environmental sustainability in Aisa’s fashion industry by encouraging  recycling and reducing textile waste. Established in 2007, Redress  has reached out to the world and gets its brand well recognized from a local charity. Its name “Redress” means “to set right; remedy or rectify”. 

With over 20 million tonnes of textile waste discarded annually in China alone, completely reusable fabrics are tossed away by factories and on a more personal level, we’re throwing out perfectly good pieces of clothing without thinking of ways to recycle it.” ( Read more in Sassy Supports: ReDress )

Redress works with multiple fashion designers and related rganizations to educate the public the green awareness by operating four key programmes; The EcoChic Design Award, The R Cert, Consumer Campaigns and Industry Engagement.

img_9877 A 6-meter-tall mountain made with second-hand clothes from clothing bank, which is just 3% of Hong Kong’s daily disposal in landfill. (Source:

Support from you to see the mission come to life

Get informed, Ladies! Redress needs people like you to spread the eco-friendly spirit to your surroundings. Got time on your hand? Why not do a wardrobe purge and find your nearest textile collection stores to divert your unwanted clothes? If having more interests, Redress is also running professional internship programme for you to join in. 

30_the-first-prize-the-ecochic-design-award-2014_15-in-partnership-with-shanghai-tang-winner-kevin-germanierThe EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 Grand Final Fashion Show ( Source: )

08_the-redress-forum-ford-design-challenge_-19-jan-2015_victor-chu-and-kirstine-marie-hansenThe Redress Forum: Ford Design Challenge (source:

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