The front page of (screen captured by Chris Huang)

The front page of (screen captured by Chris Huang)


New in Hong Kong? Have few friends of same interest? Do not know where to have fun?

Then can help you enjoy a wonderful life in the city!

Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. On this website, one can not only look for and join various interest groups as he likes, but also set up his own groups to organize different kinds of offline activities. According to its introduction, there are now about 20 million members and 190 thousand groups around 182 countries and areas.  And more than 9000 groups have get-together in local communities every day.

Here is the link to the website:


Different local interest groups in Hong Kong (screen captured by Chris Huang)

Different local interest groups in Hong Kong (screen captured by Chris Huang)

Interest groups on the website are really diverse. From ordinary ones like Hong Kong Volleyball Meetup and Language Exchange, to paranormal ones like UFO Meetup Group and Fat For Fun, you can always find those who share the same mind with you!

What’s more, you can learn different skills by joining different groups and taking part in their hang-outs. For example, I joined a group called Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society English Group Practice, which will hold meditation program every Monday night. After taking some lessons, I can calm myself down more easily when faced with annoyance.

As the website says, “neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something…”


Here are some other similar websites for your fun and self improvement.

douban group

skill exchange

share your talent

Start today and enjoy a nice weekend!








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