Having headache on cooking dishes? Do not want to bothered with sophisticated procedures?

        Now let me teach you a simple-done but delicious dish—fried corn with salted egg yolk!

        Ingredients (for two or three people) : 1. three salted egg yolks; 2. 500 grams of corn kernel; 3. some cornstarch; 4. edible oil.

        Cooking steps:

1. steam the yolks;

2. boil the corn kernels;

3. mix the kernels with cornstarch, to make sure every grain is fully coated;

4. heat the oil, then fry the kernels with cornstarch for three minutes, then remove them when they become golden;

5. heat a spoon of oil and fry and mash the yolks until they become powdery;

6. add the fresh-fried kernels into the yolks and keep stirring and frying for three t0 five minutes.


The kernels taste sweet while the yolks taste fragrant, which is a perfect match!

Hope all of you will enjoy this dish!

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