Unusual HK Alleys

This video  introduces that two young boys started the alternative tourism.Within many foreigners joining in ,They went to some alleys which were very characteristic and amazing.

Hong Kong is not only a place which is full of luxuries, shopping centers, foods and big financial centers ,but also a space of unique humanity and abundant history. In the video ,they went to Wan Chai’s alleys to get close to the local people’s life and also knew how people lived there.Thses places were very wonderful and even many locals didn’t pay attention to ,so it got protected very well.In these alleys,there are full of all kind of people ,it really likes a cultural  kaleidoscope.You can gain an insight into the “simple HK”,not about any other fancy lables.

In our mind Hong Kong should be  full of skyscrapers,but in this place ,things become interesting.Old buildings and new shopping malls are both here.It’s a mix of  time and culture.As far as i can see,this place exactly represents Hong Kong.It contains Hong Kong spirit——-flexible and string to improve.They can protect their old culture and in the mean time, absorb advanced thoughts to improve themselves.The two young boys took visitors to the garden ,the alleys, the markets just because HK is a place with many facets.They want visitors understand HK more clearly.If you do not watch this video,it will be hard for you to find such a  interesting place to go!

So I think this video is really great and  these alleys are worth visiting.



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Lively Hk,part 1.

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