Top Local Designers Joined PMQ- A Newly-Opened Creative Hub Located In Central 知名本港設計師加入元創方-位於中環的新興創意中心


[We Are PMQ] – Find out why they are joining PMQ this Spring!


PMQ is a newly-opened creative hub located on Hollywood Road in SoHo, Central, Hong Kong. This video clip is about why the local famous designers Vivienne Tam, Pan Tang (OUT OF STOCK), Claire Wong (Tong-Chao) and Douglas Young (G.O.D) want to join the business in PMQ.

PMQ is transformed from the former Police Married Quarters. It is now a stage for designers to exchange creative ideas and a great place for you to have creative lifestyle experiences. The name PMQ stands for “Pride”, “Money” and “Quality”, which are the three most important things for the designers in PMQ. They hope that PMQ can be a place which Hong Kong people are proud of. And they aims to provide high-quality products to the customers.

Just as what Pan Tang said in the video, “Never chase after money. Let the money chase after you”. This is what people in the creative industry should believe.

PMQ元創方是一個新開業的創意中心,位於香港中環荷里活道的SoHo區。香港本土的幾位知名設計師Vivienne Tam, Pan Tang (OUT OF STOCK), Claire Wong (Tong-Chao) 和 Douglas Young (G.O.D)在視頻中講述了他們對於PMQ元創方的信念與理想。

PMQ是由香港前已婚警察宿舍改建而成的。如今,它已成為匯聚本地新進創新企業家的舞台,並不斷為大眾提供創新生活體驗。PMQ這個名字源於三個英文單詞:Pride (自豪)、Money (財富)和 Quality (品質)。這也是PMQ的設計師們最重視的三個方面。他們希望PMQ能夠成為香港人引以為豪的創意中心,也立志為顧客提供最高品質的創新產品。

正如OUT OF STOCK的設計師 Pan Tang 所說, “不要追逐財富,讓財富追隨著你的創意而來。” 這是所有在創新產業的人應秉持的信念。

PMQ Address: 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


PMQ Official Website 元創方官網:

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