A green escape

Have you fed up with the normal leisure activities, .e.g. watching movie, shopping, etc  you have in the weekend? For me, definitely yes. Planting my own crops and enjoy every bit of it has always been my to-do list. Not only planting my own organic and fresh is exciting, but more importantly the moment when I indulge myself into the little green space of my own.

Like what Mr. Osbert Lam, a advertising director, the owner of the rooftop farm in Quarry Bay said, many people would love to have a so-called back garden of their own to look for somewhat peace of mind during weekend. I think it is really a great concept because you don’t have to travel all the way to some farm lands in rural area as his farm is actually in the rooftop of a  building in Hong Kong Island. Fantastic! Please see what the owner’s belief behind in setting up this farm for Hongkongers to enjoy their green moment at the rooftop.

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