Most Popular Platform Designed for HK Handmade Lovers | 最受香港手作家歡迎的交流平台「香港手作」

Do you want to share your happiness of making handcraft? Do you want to get comments for your handcraft? Do you want to learn more from other handmade artists?

Here is a good platform for you, “HONG KONG HANDMADE“. When you like and follow this page, this platform allows you to post your handcraft, selects the awesome works by the users and reports it regularly. It also provides the news about local handmade fair.




Don’t miss out the news, go to this platform ( now.


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    Are you bored by the chain stores? Do you want to find more unique product? I found a "TREASURE MAP" for YOU , "SMALL, NICE, LOCAL STORE" This lists out awesome handmade stores in 18 Districts. These stores provide raw material, semi-finished goods and finished goods. 你對連鎖店感到煩厭嗎?想找一些更特別的產品嗎? 我特地為你找到一個藏寶圖——「香港小舖」。 這裏列出了分布在十八區的出色手作小店。這些小店出售原材料、半製成品和自家手工產品。 There is a district filter button, shown in the red rectangle…
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    Hi. Welcome to my "HANDMADE" blog. I'm Eliza and a handmade lover. I am not good at any specific field. I just make the things when I think they're interesting. I have made origami, accessories, dolls and pencil cases. In this blog, I would like to share the information of handmade in Hong Kong with you all. Hope  you can…
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    2-days HKCmarket invited 100 young handicraft artists to YMCA College Of Careers and it attracts over 7000 visitors in total on Mar 28-29. The artists sold their handicrafts, including clothing, accessories, stationary and skin care products, in the classrooms on 1/F and 3/F from 1p.m. to 7p.m. . HKCmaeket selected one of the most popular downtown area in Hong Kong, Yau…
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    Do you still remember my previous post about the chart of flea markets and art bazaars? Ming Pao reports the trend of these kinds of markets and the public response. It also points out the problem of the piracy along with the growth of markets. Reporters also interview the scholar to talk about the reasons of…
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    What does handcraft mean to you? Is it just a hobby for you killing the time or fleshing out the creativity? In the past,it is a skill for people to make a living. Mr Tim, who is the last professional handcrafted glasses master in Hong Kong now, shares his memory about old Hong Kong. Handcrafted glasses have…
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