Why we have to buy iphone

(source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8t84zj7W5Q)

IPhone 6 become a star on my WeChat, and it also makes me popular among my friends, because I’m in Hong Kong and I means iPhone 6 now. Seeing their iPhone 5s is still new, I can’t help thinking why they have to get an iPhone 6 immediately. I believe many people who are not the fans of Apple have the same question with me. This video is kind of old, but it explains some reasons that I agree with.

In this video, many people buy iPhone for “face”, which means a lot to Chinese. IPhone is defined as a “high-end” product. Even you don’t understand it, as long as you have it, you are a “high-end” person. ¬†Another reason is its high price. I always wondered why people want to buy such an expensive phone when they don’t use most of the apps on it. With the explanation of the young guy in this video, I understand the high-price of iPhone is a symbol of “being rich”. The last reason shown in this video is kind of related to our major-communication. It is because of human’s group psychology. No one like the feeling of being out of the circle.

Another reason I share this video is that I love the end. The phone is just a tool for us to contact our family and friends. ¬†Now, we are in Hong Kong, far away from home. The meaning our phone is not whether it’s an iPhone; it’s contacting.

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