“Lost” in Street Markets of Hong Kong

Why do I put the “Lost” in heading? Do I really have experience being lost in one market? Actually, I may be influenced by the romanticism to use this word delivering facts, images and feelings of Hong Kong Street Markets in my eyes.

Street Markets, also called “Xu Shi”(墟市) in Chinese, stood aside streets offering the convenient stages to trade and bargain, after HK port being opened in the early 1900s.

I do not lie. Hong Kong people love “street markets”. From celebrities to normal citizens, they visit street markets every day like their own home. Could you image how beautiful picture it is that fresh fish swims in the glass jars surrounded by colorful vegetables, people laugh and talk under steam of hot bread? Till now, famous HK gourment ChuaLam insists buying meat in Koonlow City Street Market instead of premier supermarket. Why? Not only do they buy the necessity of life, but also they enjoy the tradition and culture here. Even though supermarkets are so developed and convenient, people also prefer street markets. It is a HK lifestyle!

No matter whether you are local people who live with street markets for almost your whole life, or the tourists travel with interests not frequently, remember the TOP 5 traditional street markets as below.

top 5 market 2_副本

Although people need street markets so much, nowadays, many old street markets disappeared or moved into modern buildings, even part of them exchanged into supermarkets. It is reported that there are 182 street markets in Hong Kong, average 5 to 12 markets in each district. And there will not be built any new street market any more.

(The data copyright: SING DAO Daily, 2012.10.31, detailed news content could be clicked. )

Does it means we may lose street markets in future? The answer is not sure. But what are you waiting for?

Come on! Go to BE lost in street markets, or you may lose them one day.

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