Visit Kowloon City Market During Lunch Time

Kowloon City Market is the LARGEST street market in Hong Kong, which represents typical culture of HK street market.  It is not only a quite convenient street market for the life of local citizens, but also becomes a famous viewpoint for travelers.

If you  would like to understand more about local culture of Hong Kong, Kowloon City Market could be a nice place to visit. If you do not have enough time, don’t worry, Kowloon City could be visited only using your lunch time.

Here comes my video and some info to introduce interesting points you could find in Kowloon City just during a lunch time. Also don’t miss delicious food in the market, I think it is one of the biggest sale point.

Would you like to know more? Then check out…

Kowloon City Market Visit Guide

Floor Guide with features : 

Floor One: Fruits, meat, fish, flowers (Fresh)

Floor Two: Clothes, shoes (Low-price)

Floor Three: Restaurants (Favor recommended)

Visit Time: 11:30-14:30

Recommended plan: 

1) Buy fresh fruits on 1st floor, also there will be traditional Chinese dried orange peel

2) Visit and collect a pair of shoes in low-price but also fashion

3) Enjoy delicious dumplings & pork feet as the end of this tour

Traffic: BY taxi/ Bus 25M

There are also some pictures to show more details about Kowloon City Market:

Red Lamp is the symbol of HK street market


Fresh fish is swimming 



Hope you will enjoy and start a plan to visit Kowloon City Market after reading this copy!

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