Advertisments As The Ultimate Solution For “I-Know-I’ve-Heard-This-Song-Somewhere-But-I-Just-Can’t-Remember-Its-Damn-Name!”

There was once a time when Hong Kong streets were full of lyrics from popular Chinese songs like the below photo.Without enough attention you would never discover that actually they were advertisements.

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These series of billboards were made by Soliton Music, an online music service, which attracted people’s eyeballs and transferred customers from offline to online platform. People are willing to take a photo of lyrics then share with friends. Many people have been bothered when you heard some familiar songs in public but could remember their names. Now, the only thing you need to do is saying the lyrics to Soliton’s website or app, and bang! Problem solved. Also on Soliton’s website, you can get recommanded songs accorging to your own favor.


“大家一定仲記得Soliton Music (下稱「Sol」)之前既橫掃式戶外廣告有幾瘋狂,腦袋只係不停浮現一大堆黃色歌詞﹐到依家都仲好有印象。”—— <<SOLITON – 黃黃藍,就係咁簡單>> By DigitPepper

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Teaser Adv_副本

(Screen shot by myself
All rights reserved by Soliton Music)


(Screen shot by myself
All rights reserved by Soliton Music)


Have you ever find lyrics nearby?


Click here to see more lyrics: The advertisements made and collected by Solition Music



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  1. fantástico este conteúdo. Gostei muito. Aproveitem e vejam este conteúdo. informações, novidades e muito mais. Não deixem de acessar para saber mais. Obrigado a todos e até a próxima. 🙂

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