We Are Not Always Only Talk About Music When We Talk about “Live Performance”

What will first come to your mind when you heard  there is a live performance going on?Live drama?Musical play?Dance Performance?

Nah…We all know that Art Basel is an exhibition for fine arts. Differ from those artists who exhibited their finished work, Japanese painter Shintaro Miyake was doing an unique live drawing performance on his artistic work “Asia Excursions” in sight of passersby at the noisy gallery.


Some figures you might not know about the 43rd Hong Kong Arts Festival

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News press-Statistical figures of 2015 Hong Kong Arts Festival:


News press-Statistical figures of 2014 Hong Kong Arts Festival:


A visit to White Noise Records-one of the few local record stores I could still find in HK

Since the bankrupt of HMV was considered as a sign of the real music record industry collapsed, it is even harder for private record shop to survive in this market which is ruled by digital music. I was more or less upset when I found that most of those famous private record shops were no longer existing, and White Noise Records was the last one on my long name list.


Shanghai Street was so quite at night that you would not believe its neighbourhood was noisy MonKok area.

According to the address, the store should be hidden in this normal living building.


Live performance posters with post rock background music behind the door, the atmosphere of a private record store in my memory was long-lost.



Seemed like me and this sleepy kitty were the only 2 customers in the shop…

I haven’t seen a CD walls, especially so many black lables for ages.

welcome cat

left door

Each CD was orderly classified by music types, which were varied from Indie Pop to Experimential Noise, but mostly produced by independent record labels.



Some music-related products are also sold here, like indie music magazines, postcards, souvenirs, together with some clothes with good design.





The owners of White Noise were three passionate music lovers. Apart from this record shop, they also run music event promotions and live performance.


Oops, almost stepped on this cutie pie when I tried to open the door and left…




About WNR

1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Prince Edward C2 EXIT, close to Metropark Hotel Mongkok)

新地址:九龍上海街720號1樓(太子站C2出口, 近旺角维景酒店)

Google Map

營業時間 / working hours:
Mon – Sat: 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun: 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

t. +852 25910499
e. whitenoiserecordshk@gmail.com
website. www.whitenoiserecords.org
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteNoiseRec

Avenged Sevenfold talked about crazy fans, banned songs, music goals and creative work after their first debut performance in HK

As one of the most representative American new heavy metal band in recent ten years, Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail to the King” Asian tour had been highly expected by Chinese rock fans for ages. After performanced in Beijing and Shanghai, Avenged Sevenfold rocked the stage at Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong on January 14th.

The reporter of Hong Kong indie music information gathering website Bitetone caught up the band during their hectic touring schedule to chat about their live setup, career goals, the creative process and songs writing.



For the full version of the interview, please go to:http://bitetone.com/2015/02/04/interview-avenged-sevenfold-paying-respect-to-the-king/

Compared to Bitetone, which was more focus on music itself, the interview from South China Morning Post paid more attention on the brand new performing experience in mainland and Hong Kong, especially the shock when it comes to the “regulations” in Beijing.

avenged sevenfold3

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Redline Music: A “quality over quantity” philosophy which lets indie musicians make a mark without signing away their rights

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Nowadays, Indie Music is already quite familiar to music lovers. As a shortened form of independent, indie is an attitude, which musicians choose to produce their record independently in order to avoid musical companies sacrifice their own characters for market demands, although a lot of their music ideas have died because of financial issue.

Gray Chan Chi-yan and his music label Redline provide a solution for those indie musicians who have been struggling between keeping self-pursuit and financial support from produce company. ”I started the label to help artists connect the dots, guide them to direction that they wanted, rather than moulding them into something that suited the local market.” Gray’s word is strong enough to reassure indie artists. Indeed, grew up surrounded by music, spent his first salary on drum and guitar, play in an indie band as “moonlight interest”, Gray sounds more like a music enthusiast instead of businessman.

After celebrated the 5th birthday of Redline, Gray expected that Redline would serve as a bridge for masses to discover local indie music. “Music lovers will start to seek rather than be fed, and we’ll be right there to provide.”Said Gray.


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