Redline Music: A “quality over quantity” philosophy which lets indie musicians make a mark without signing away their rights

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Nowadays, Indie Music is already quite familiar to music lovers. As a shortened form of independent, indie is an attitude, which musicians choose to produce their record independently in order to avoid musical companies sacrifice their own characters for market demands, although a lot of their music ideas have died because of financial issue.

Gray Chan Chi-yan and his music label Redline provide a solution for those indie musicians who have been struggling between keeping self-pursuit and financial support from produce company. ”I started the label to help artists connect the dots, guide them to direction that they wanted, rather than moulding them into something that suited the local market.” Gray’s word is strong enough to reassure indie artists. Indeed, grew up surrounded by music, spent his first salary on drum and guitar, play in an indie band as “moonlight interest”, Gray sounds more like a music enthusiast instead of businessman.

After celebrated the 5th birthday of Redline, Gray expected that Redline would serve as a bridge for masses to discover local indie music. “Music lovers will start to seek rather than be fed, and we’ll be right there to provide.”Said Gray.


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