Ocean Park!! The place you Should not miss in HK!!

The place you truly cannot miss in Hong Kong should be Ocean Park!!! Ocean Park is a amusement park and also a symbol represents Hong Kong.  Since it was established in 1977 which has a long history to experience the changes in HK.  It offers us excitement with education and conservation.  Ocean Park has grown over years and become one of the largest and significant theme park in Asia.  Ocean park has broken its annual visitor record for 9th time already!!!  According the Bar chart below, we can see it has a steady increase on the number of annual visitors.

Ocean Park Halloween Fest is a festival I used to go every year.    We all dressed up and had so much fun there!! During the Halloween Fest, Ocean park has set at least six haunted houses which offered us different scary experience!! However, its ticket price increases steady with its number of annual visitors.  ><”  The price of privilege ticket which is also called the “Fast Pass”  has grown up to $625 per person this year!!! WOW~~!


Was so enjoyable of the moments hanging out with my friends in the Ocean Park Halloween Fest !

We are Hongkonger!! We love HK & Support Local designs!!



(source: http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20141013/bkn-20141013061208088-1013_00862_001.html)

I went to a pop up event of a  local Brand which is called Sketcharound & Novelty Lane.  The accessories and clothing there are all designed by HK local designers.  It was so amazing as they bring out an idea of sketching and apply on their designed clothes.  As a person who born here, who live here in Hong Kong.  I support HK design!!! Hope you guys will love it too.  Go and check it out!!

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