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Yummy~~Very fresh oyster and decent seafood at reasonble price!!


Casablance  is a oyster and steak restaurant located in Tsim Sha Shui that you should try.  They offer a variety of different oysters and the most important is they all taste really good~~!Other than oysters, they also provide decent seafood, steak and spaghetti.  However, their oyster is always my first choice!! ^^”  Furthermore, Casablance create one’s  “oyster shooter” which mix the oyster with their vodka shooter.  Its taste really fresh that the taste of the oyster is totally match with the taste of the vodka!!  I am  very appreciated of their creativity to match these up!!  Finally, the price is not high at all which is a very, very reasonable price!!  I highly recommend Casablance as your dinner choice and it is really worth to go!!


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