How to Make Korean Vegetable Dumpling

Korean food is remarkable for healthy ingredients and cooking techniques.  Korean people like having vegetables for each meal, even when they have dumplings.

When I was invited to visit a Korean family who lived in HK, the host uncle told me that many families preferred boiled dumplings rather than fried ones, and vegetable dumplings instead of those made up by pure flour.

His family like green pepper dumpling. He said it was quite simple and showed me how to make it step by step.

  • Step 1: put one or a half of green pepper into juicer and turn it into juice completely
  • Step 2: pour the green pepper juice into white flour and make a soft dough
  • Step 3: cut the dough into small balls and make them into round pieces (slim like a piece of paper but a bit thicker in the middle)
  • Step 4: put ingredients (diced green pepper and meat stuffing) in the middle of a round piece
  • Step 5: pinch the opposite sides from middle and push the other sides sticking together
  • Step 6: put 10-15 dumplings into boiled water for about 10-15 minutes (dumplings are ready when they float and turn upside down)

Sounds difficult? … It’s much easier and fun to learn when you SEE the process.

Check out this:

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Vegetable Dumpling😬

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