Find new things to eat on BU campus

Are you tired with what you always eat in BU Fiesta and main canteen ?

Yes ?

Do you know there is a  new Mediterranean Restaurant on our campus ?

No ?

Well , if your answer is ” yes and no”,  let me introduce a good place to you — Bristro Bon. It is located in NTT building . And it is really hard to find if you don’t know there ‘s a “secret” path from DLB to NTT.


The menu offers Mediterranean and Asia dishes. And it is quite popular among students at lunch time. But during high-tea time, it will be a good place to enjoy your leisure time wit less people. You want more information ? Please click on my video 🙂

Well, I believe you can have a clear picture of this cafe from my raw materials , because it is no beautified elements here. And I hope this true introduction can help you . 餐厅