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Time-honored Hakka Restaurant-Tsui King Lau:Success Smiles upon Diligent One

Zui Qong Lou's Specialty: Salt-Baked Chicken Rice
Tsui King Lau’s Specialty: Salt-Baked Chicken Rice                       (Licensed CCAlpha@Flicr)

Refer to the delicious food, people are more likely to see photo series or watch videos. Compared to the written words, this kind of media is more eye-catching and more direct. However,those who read Jinyong(金庸)will know how yummy the “Beggar Chicken”(叫花鸡) is. And those who read Cailan’s Blog(蔡澜) can also gain some brilliant recommendations. It is because of this that characteristics can offer people more space to hardness the imagination.

Thus, today we are going to introduce a restaurant, seasoned with a story.Like a popular Chinese documentary film called “A Bite of China” did. Through this story, you can find out what kind of restaurant it is. And maybe, you are willing to visit such a place with human interest.

Tsui King Lau 醉瓊樓
Tsui King Lau 醉瓊樓


Tsui King Lau, is a famous Hakka restaurant in Hong Kong, with a history of 54 years. The owner of Tsui King Lau called Yao Jiancheng, is the third boss of this time-honored restaurant. He added a sentience to his menus:”Stay with you over half a century.”

“I have stayed the same during the fifty years and that is why our menus remain the same,” he said in one of his interview. Yao is a typical Hakka man, with a principle of hardworking. Even in his seventies, he goes to work on 10:30 every morning. Except for changing money and making out bills, he will write down menus and who reserved the seats through a brush. His works are pretty good, adding a traditional feature to this little restaurant. “What is a holiday? I seldom have a holiday. Maybe I was born as a cow, working all the time,” he laughed.

Handwritten menus
Handwritten menus


In the 80s and 90s, the golden age of Hakka food, there were almost 130 Hakka restaurant in HK. Nowadays, only about 20 of them survived. His attitude towards life might explain why Tsui King Lau still exists till today.

He mentioned that his restaurant earned reputation not from the beautiful decoration but from the authentic Hakka food. He believed that the quality of the food is exactly Tsui King Lau’s brand. The flavor of Dongjing Backed Chicken in Salt(东江盐焗鸡),one of the specialty, retains its original taste like fifty-four years ago.

“We have run this restaurant for a very long time. Some customers shared many memories with us. So I think I will try my best to keep on running it,” Yao said.

Mr. Zhou, a frequent visitor said that many years ago, he took his sons here and till today, he even took his grandsons here. He loved Tsui King Lau’s authentic Hakka flavor and he was afraid if Yao retired, the flavor would be changed.

“If I am in a poor health, I will leave it to my son. He will replaced me to take care of the restaurant and our regular customers. We will continued to manage it by all means,” Yao said.

Time flies as usual, and Tsui King Lau remains prosperous. Another day has passed.



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