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Food & Delights Ⅲ – Date with Angelababy

In Hong Kong, more and more celebrities are willing to open restaurants. Thanks to the star effect, their restaurants are always popular among young people, especially attracting their fans to come.

However, such restaurants cannot become successful without the real delicious food.

You want to know how ?  Let’ s date with Angelababy and let she tells you!

The café fit out is clean and chic. The stylish decoration uses black and white as its main theme which creates a relaxing, joyful dining environment. There are numerous of Angelababy photos displaying on the wall of “frame”, which are taken by the famous photographer Wing Shya.

The food is rather contemplated. The presentation is neat, inviting and comes with a generous serving portion. With an attractive presentation of the food, customer can surely enjoy an ultimate dining experience with a reasonable price.

(Source: http://www.babycafe.com.hk/about/?lang=en)

From the video, you can see the dining environment of Baby Cafe is quite good even in some busy shopping areas such as  Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tuen Mun. As for the food,  I have to admit that no girls can resist the dessert temptation.


baby café - 照片 | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/263035390398681/photos/pb.263035390398681.-2207520000.1411917273./432244343477784/?type=3&theater
baby café – 照片 | Facebook

In my eye,  Angelababy is good at promotion.  Why I feel so ? These two videos can help you to find the answer.



Angelababy自家餐厅庆生 明星经商有道



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