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Food & Delights IV – Meet with Celebrities

I recommend two fashion restaurants which are owned by specific celebrities in the previous curated posts.  But now , I would like to introduce a famous cafe to all of you — Capital Café (華星冰室) .

This cafe even enjoy popularity among many noted artists.

Star wall
Star wall
Miriam Yeung & Eason Chan
Miriam Yeung & Eason Chan

This cafe even has a special toast called ” 校长多士” , which are named by Alan Tam (校长谭咏麟).  Why ?  It is because this toast is his favourite!

No doubt, so many  gourmet shows highly recommend this cafe. They pay attention to not only its special food but also its history, explaining the reason behind its big success.

Let us get more information about this popular cafe by watching those food programs. 🙂



灣仔克街6號B1舖 筲箕灣東大街185-187號地舖



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