The Best Grilled Burgers In Hong Kong

Whilst burgers have been misunderstood as the number one junk food in the past, it is trending pretty hard in Hong Kong right now. So, what is the reason behind?

Hong Kong is particularly fond of the American lifestyle and this is why we see all the American brands being so successful in Hong Kong. These include electronics such as Apple, fashion brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle Outfitters. A lot of their flagships were opened in our city lately. Food culture has become part of the trend and burger is definitely making people going out of fashion. has recently released the list of the 10 best burgers in Hong Kong. It is expected that The Butcher’s Club at Wan Chai has topped the list. I personally made a visit to the shop last Saturday night, the length of the queue and the volume of people ordering take-away completely shocks me.  I must admit that its Double Happiness (HKD160 each), together with duck fat fries (HKD20 per portion) are so far the best in Hong Kong; the dry-aged beef is absolutely juicy and delicious. As image is always strong than words, it is difficult to describe in words how this mouth-watering burger tastes, so a photo of the burger is attached below.


Full artical is available here:


The Best Buffets To Celebrate Christmas

Unlike the Western tradition, Hong Kong families would celebrate their Christmas meal with buffets instead of homemade turkey etc.. I guess you hear the word buffet much less commonly in other parts of the world apart from this Asia’s World City. So, as a simple explanation, buffet gives you a great chance to try a full table of first class food of different genre. If you are still in doubt, simply check out the video below.

A good buffet would be decided based on the quality of the food, the variety it offers, the environment as well as the service of the restaurant. Most importantly, whether it is value for money. Cafe Too at Island Shangri-La (a five star hotel at Admiralty)  has always been voted as the best buffet in Hong Kong. For lunch, it is HKD328 (plus 10% service fee) per an adult. For dinner, it is HKD789 (plus 10% service fee) per an adult.

Since Christmas is a popular festival in Hong Kong, you will need to make the booking 1 month in advance. You may make a reservation at +852 2820 8571 now.

Check out other buffets here:

The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Dim Sum, a.k.a. “yum cha” is a tradition originated from the Province of Guangdong, which has become one of the most common dining habit in Hong Kong. Whilst you are staying in Hong Kong, you should not have missed this out. If you want to know what to eat and where to find it, you have definitely found the right place. There will also be a little surprise if you read this post carefully.

Here is the 5 most popular dim sum here in Hong Kong:

1) Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

2) Shao Mai “Pork Dumpling”

3) Barbecued Pork Bun

4) Cheung Fen “Vermicelli Roll”

5) Spring Rolls

Dim Sum

Full reading is here:

 A surprise “shao mai” recipe – Credits to Josephine’s recipe.

Believe it or not, you will only need 30 mins for homemade “shao mai”. 


The Best Restaurants To Enjoy the Hong Kong National Day Fireworks

On 1st October 2014, Hong Kong will be celebrating its National Day. Not just about celebrating with national anthem and Hong Kongers enjoying a day-off, what makes it more exciting is that the beautiful Victoria Harbour will be showcasing the 17th anniversary fireworks display at 9pm.

If you wonder what it looks like, here is the glimpse of the evening back in 2o12.

If you wish to watch this at a comfortable environment, together with your friends and family, you may choose to find some tranquil spots to enjoy this moment, such as a nice restaurant. In order to avoid the last minute fuss of finding a restaurant that gives this special scenery, here is a few handy recommendations and you will be able to find one that suits you.

1) Best Value for Money – Bistro Laurent Tourondel

Food Genre: Western buffet; Location: Tsim Sha Tsui; Price: HKD688 per head

2) Family Fun – DUETTO

Food Genre: Italian & Indian; Location: Wan Chai; Price HKD350 per head

3) Steak Lover’s favourite – WOOLOOMOOLOO PRIME

Food Genre: Steak house; Location: Tsim Sha Tsui; HKD1,200 per head

4) Spectacular Bird’s view – ToTT’s and Roof Terrace

Food Genre: Western semi-buffet; Location: Causeway Bay; Price: HKD988 per head

5) All Time Favourite – AQUA

Food Genre: Japanese & Italian; Location: Tsim Sha Tsui; Price: HKD1,388 per head

6) Budget Viewers – IFC Rooftop

For a hassle-free and cheaper option, you can just easily grab some food and drinks from IFC mall and enjoy them at the garden on IFC rooftop. There are a variety of bars located on the rooftop that you may think about pre-booking a table. RED is a highly recommended place.

It is better to book 2 weeks in advance so you can secure a reservation at your preferred restaurant.