Be adventurous – where to find Hong Kong Street Food?

Hong Kong street food is something that you will not be able to find at anywhere else in the world and you will need to be adventurous enough to be able to conquer it. Hong Kong street food can be found at hawkers on the streets, from egg custard tarts, fish balls, siu mai to intestines. This becomes an important diet of the Hong Kong citizens because of their busy lifestyle and the price of food is very cheap.  Just simply “Grab and Go” .

One of the easiest spots to find Hong Kong street food is at Wanchai, by walking down the staircase right outside MTR Exit A5. There will be a chain of Hong Kong street food hawkers. Highly recommend you to try curry fish ball (HKD8- per skewer), siu mai (HKD10- per skewer), pig intestine (HKD12- per portion). To ensure you will find the right place, you may show the video to people and ask for direction, they will recognize the place.

Happy food hunting!

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