Hong Kong’s Pop culture: HKGolden – the outflow of popular slang.

Different regions would have its unique set of popular slang words that Hong Kong Golden Forum is renowned as one of the major sculptors towards this culture.

Golden forum had established countless slang words such as “FF” (i.e. stands for Final Fantasy, comes from a famous video game and referring to imaginary thoughts.)

Golden brothers and sisters highly engage in this thriving creative community where tons of parody videos and edited pictures with Golden elements (e.g. the Golden emoji and use of words) can be found easily.

latest (650×650)
Golden Emoji

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, I would like to “HAPPY SHARE” this parody by Golden bro and sis.. Enjoy!!;)

Undoubtedly, Golden culture has already deeply implanted in our everyday life.

Hong Kong Golden Forum
Hong Kong Golden Forum

Go and check our Golden culture out NOW: http://www.hkgolden.com/


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