Tai On Building – A Hidden Paradise full of Hong Kong-style food stalls

Tons of local snack stores that people grew up on starts closing one after one due to the city’s high rents and being replaced by giant business groups and multinational chains in previous years… Although Hong Kong is widely recognized as the world’s best city for street food, the chance of finding true, affordable street snacks is getting smaller and smaller for sure…sighhhhh 

NO worries!! I am going to introduce a secret hidden place in Sai Wan Ho (i.e. east side of Hong Kong Island) that only minority of people have heard about it! ;)

“TAI ON Building太安樓”♥, the ultimate destination to deal with your cravings for local food!!

Tai On Building
Tai On Building

Tai On Building is quite accessible as it’s nearby the MTR station! You should stroll around and there are numerous of Hong Kong-style eateries like, deep fried food, egg waffle, fried noodles, fish ball, skewered food and so on… The price is pretty reasonable!

Question: How to get there??

Here you GO→Tai On Building = 57-87 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho


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