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Can you hear His Master’s Voice?



HMV is a world famous brand with large quantities of retail stores selling records and other music equipments.

The first time I know about HMV was in my middle school when I was totally fond of Pink Floyed, and my friend brought me one of their albums called <The dark side of the moon> from HMV in England, then I paied attention to HMV and coincidently, was touched by the story behind its name. Their once had a Bristol wire fox terrier named Nipper, after his master’s death, he was then sent to Francis Barraud, his master’s brother as an artist. Barroud painted a picture three years after Nipper’s death, dipicting it listened to the gramophone which was playing his dead master’s sound recordings with a rather focused manner, so HMV is actually the abbreviated form of His Master’s Voice.

HMV retail stores in HongKong located in different areas such as Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Bay, Central and so on. If you are a real music nut, HMV is a “MUST” place for you to find your New World!

The underground wonderland

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Sen Ji Bookstore is located in the King’road, North Point, Hongkong.Walking into a basement and following with a cat then you may definitely find this bookstore, a place with thousands of books and almost more than 20 cats! You may feel like that you are “The Lucky Alice” who has  just walked into the wonderland by accident.The owner of the store, Ms.Chan, is a real cat nut. These lovely cats will walking through by your feet or just jumping up to a pile of books while you are reading. That’s a fun moment indeed!

Super book worms in Hongkong all know this store and especially of those reasoning book fans, besides general reasoning books, Sen also owns a large amount of mystery magazines of which are rarely the out of print editions. That made them gone crazy!

Another special one is located in XiGong, Hongkong named Leisure Bookstore, mainly selling English books and records, the atmosphere of which is as peace and serene as a cup of afternoon black tea.

Keeping wandering around this magic city, and you may step into your own amazing wonderland tomorrow.

A cow determines a cup of milk tea


Talking about Hong Kong’s tea restaurants, different kinds of food and different menu distinguishes them from each other. But one thing is totally standing in front of the “common area”, that is, the milk tea. Almost every restaurant in Hong Kong serves it as the typical drink, and as a consequence it largely on behalf of the culture of Hong kong tea restaurant.

However, speaking of how to make the most delicious milk tea and what is the secret of making amazing yummy drinks, then the answer would be highly consistent: Black&White milk

First time I got to know this kind of so called”evaporated milk”may reaches back to two years ago, when I was having my lunch in a Hong Kong style tea restaurant in China Mainland, and I saw the bartender poured the canned evaporated milk to reconcile into Black Tea, in addition to memorable reveling in the fragrance of the milk, I was also attracted by its classic packaging.The red and white color with a cow LOGO outside of the can beautifully captures a retro style.

After then, I have paid more attention to the Black&White milk and accidently learned that this evaporated milk only exported to Hong Kong in a global scale, even the Holland local are not able to purchase it in any retail store. It is a special product especially created for Hong Kong milk market by Fei Shilan(FrieslandCampina) Company in the 30’s, with a better texture and flavour than the average milk.

The creamy taste made it the most welcome evaporated milk around Hong Kong among those tea restaurants. And that is what we called “ A cow determines a cup of milk tea” effect.