Every toy may tell a story

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Along with HongKong’s culture-free civilized atmosphere, it is born to be a land that will never lack of new funny stuffs. Besides, the Asia Toy Show held in 2013 also whipped up a toy cyclone and attracted thousands of toy fans to come to HongKong  to join this toy carnival.

HongKong  has been a huge toys distribution and manufacturing center for years both in new-taged toys and the vintage toys. Sino Centre located in Nathan Road in Mongkok and Hottoys HK are two famous toys paradise selling the latest toys and the vintage one such as Gundam Model (most from BANDAI Corporation,JP ), MARVEL Toys, Twisted eggs (capsule toys ) and other Japanese anime, science fictions, animations (more of B-level) and records (Ani-BGM)

Another interesting vintage toys store named 80M BUS MODEL SHOP which is located in Langham Place also doing well in carring forward the traditional culture of HongKong Bus Transportation.

Well, and you can imagine,  the result  is gonna be a riot of chinese dolls, japanese anime, french maids, conan the barbarian and star wars:P

(pictures from ZOEY YAO)

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