We can still recall the propaganda of the Family Planning Association years ago, which promotes having two kids is good enough while our Government now encourages families to have three or more. According to the article from South China Morning Post, the fertility rate in Hong Kong has dropped by 50% over the past 30 years of which the low satisfaction from sexual life was deemed as one of the reasons behind. The low birth rate directly results in the aging problem which exerts heavy burden on the new generations.

It was also found that HK women in general are conservative and reluctant to discuss sex even 60% of them had ever faced a problem in their sex life. Traditional taboo makes women feel shameful to have sexual desire or arousal and it prevails across different ages but not just the old generation. The doctor advised women to dismiss such myths and to be more sexually active; however, it is easier said than done as the taboo have deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. Even sex education is an inevitable subject in schools, we doubt its effectiveness since our teachers and parents are still embarrassed in front of such topics.

We believe that the Government should take more efforts to promote and instill proper values and attitudes towards sex among the community as improving sex life can be a driver for a higher fertility rate.


South China Morning Post, published on 25 September, 2014, by Timmy Sung
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