When Hong Kong is always recognized as one of the best destinations for education in the globe, her sex education lags behind most developed countries. Thanks to the conservatism and taboo of Chinese culture, teachers and parents are reluctant to talk about sex. Without proper sex education, curiosity pushes children to seek for information in their own ways. The best channel is by all means the internet yet the validity and reliability of the information is in doubt. Dr. Matthew Yau, the chairperson of The Hong Kong Association of Sexual Educators, Researchers & Therapists Limited, comments that a more comprehensive sex education is necessary in Hong Kong which can enhance safer sex and likely defer the age of having first sex experience.

Avoidance is never a solution but potentially worsens a problem. To save our innocent teenagers, there is a strong urge for the government to implement a truly all-round education in which sex education should be given a priority.


The Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers & Therapists Limited

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