STAY OR LEAVE? A hard choice for HK mainland students


It is always a hard choice for mainland students to decide whether they should go back to their hometown or get a working experience here in Hong Kong after finishing their studies.

The following statistics conducted by Nanfang Metropolis Daily are showing the increasing number of mainland students studying and working in Hong Kong.

For the undergraduate mainland students, it may seem reasonable to work or study for 3 more years in order to get a permanent residency identity due to the policy.

Below are the statistics of employment directions for mainland undergraduate in major Hong Kong university  in 2011 and 2012, which is survey by

However, for us mainland students who are pursuing our master degree, it is a more simple and difficult decision making progress. Our study period is less than a year. And even though we can always update our stay visa to a one-year work visa after graduation, it is still too far to meet the  standard of staying in Hong Kong for a continuous 7 years to get the permanent residency identity.


So for most of us, the question is should we just leave Hong Kong to find a job in mainland China where we can settle down, get married and fight for a career? Or should we make use of the one-year work visa,  stay for possibly a year and see how things goes? And after the one-year period, we can choose to stay longer with a decent job or we can get back to mainland with the advantage of an international working experience.


Actually, we will always go back to mainland, where we have our home and root, our parents, friends and our everything. And here in Hong Kong, we don’t have a feeling of belonging and being connected. It is not a easy thing to build our relationship with the place and its people. So if we are going back, is it worthwhile in terms of the working, living and study quality to take our time here for the time cost is super high.

Time waits for no one,  the best time of our life-the youth flies, which is especially cruel for girls. So make a clear plan after careful consideration and make your own decision of stay or leave! As for me, I am willing to take the risk and the opportunity to prove myself here after graduation!


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