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A Simple Comparison of PHOENIX TV: Base in Beijing and Hong Kong


As a mainlander, Phoenix TV has always been the representative of Hong Kong media and a way to learn more ‘objective’ facts about the outer world.

So when I had the opportunity to work for the Phoenix TV in Beijing, I was really excited. I had witness the construction of Phoenix International Media Center on my way from home to school, attracting by its bird’s nest shape and its glory with the reflection of sunlight during the day as well as the luster of night light at night. During the senior year, the center was completed. I went there several times and have a closer look at it. However, amazed by its majesty, I felt a lack of belonging and a sense of empty feeling.


Then I decided to continue my study here in Hong Kong and got the chance to visit headquarter of Phoenix TV. However, I was kind of disappointed. The building was small, no big differences with other ordinary office buildings, and located in suburb unlike the one in Beijing which located in the most prosperous region close to Sanlitun Village. It just cannot match the great influences it had in the Chinese community. Just like always, you get closer to your dream, and the bubble of fantasy burst.


I went there for another time, had a photo taken with the TV host I like. Like the first time, the security had a thorough check on our identity; the host plays jokes with other staffs and makes fun of the politics. I can feel the strict regulation, the limited media ‘freedom’ and the pleasant working environment.

In my personal perspective, maybe superficial and naïve, the Phoenix TV in Beijing and the one in Hong Kong somewhat represent the situation of economic, political and cultural strength between mainland China and Hong Kong.

You may ask which system I like? I would say that I want to work in the environment combining both, just like I enjoy both the life of Beijing and Hong Kong which offer me different experiences and opportunities.

In conclusion, the bird in the cage may want its freedom as well as a place to rest when tired and that’s where we call ‘home’.