Lock your Valentine at the Wishing Square in Hong Kong!

Ever admiring to have a romantic moment with your be loved at Paris by visiting the lover bridge and tiring a “Love Lock” as commitment? You can simply stay in Hong Kong and make it happen during this Chinese New Year!

This year, Lam Tsuen Wish Square presents the wooden wish locks that you can write your messages to your lovers, relatives and friends for blessing the year of goat! What is more, you can have fun in enjoying traditional Hakka food, lighting lanterns for new born babies and sure for throwing joss paper too!

Lover Locks at Lam Tsuen Wishing Festival 2015 (Picture is the screenshot from on.cc)

Come and experience as what she did in 2014  🙂 

 I’ve been there too!


Source from: www.the-sun.on.cc/cnt/news/20150109/00407_080.html

Official Site: www.lamtsuen.com/wishingfestival2015.htm







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