Denomination of Cantonese Opera Centre of West Kowloon Cultural District is still a controversial issue

I have worked in Theatre for nearly 10 years, and I was angry and disappointed of how the traditional cantonese opera was developed in Hong Kong.
In this video, the speaker was YUEN Siu-fai, one of the renowned virtuosi, he is representing the whole cantonese opera industry with raising many examples of denominating the art form or any other else, however I totally disagree what he said and mentioned in the video.
He emphasise that their art pieces or performance was not OPERA, which is XIQU, they have the rights to protect the history and traditional of this art performances, however I wonder why there is an institute which he also mentioned and training up many youngster to inherit this Intangible Cultural Heritage also named this art pieces as “Chinese OPEPA”? 
Why KUNG FU wasn’t named as GONGFU in mandarin as it is a Chinese Boxing as well!
Why DIM SUM wasn’t named as DIANXIN?
Why Chinese OPERA was named as XIQU and I can’t see most lines was performed in mandarin! But I just see most of them present in Cantonese!!!!

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