Weekend marts – enlighten your life

In Hong Kong, shopping is a too convenient thing to do- you can almost get everything ready by simply going to the shops down stairs. However, have ever feel exhausted by standard, mass production commodities in the supermarkets? Here’s some nice places to go on weekends to refresh yourself from homogeneous goods.

MAMASMART   (28th, Sep,2014  in Science and Technology Park)


MAMASMART is  a weekend market hold by mums and their children. In the market, families can exchange their good ideas that can improve the quality of life , selling  lovely handmade accessories and groceries. Nutrition experts and pediatrician will also attend the event and offer some advice for family on personal health management.

website    http://timable.com/zh-hk/event/642915


[買傢伙] Mycraft market (4-5 th,Oct,2014, Chaiwan)


Mycraft market have attracted over two hundred local groups to display and sell their handmade product and receive lots of support from handcraft lovers. This time in Mycraft market the event holder will select four ambassador  to participate oversea handcraft market and publicize Hong Kong handcraft culture.

website http://timable.com/event/649202

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