Live Carnival every weekend @Bong Kok


Melody is not always high price, in Sai Yeung Choi Street, you can enjoy live concert without anxiety of buying tickets!

The street has been set as a pedestrian area for many years and became a place for music to get together.

On every Saturday and Sunday, come and sing with street artists!

I promise that would be a fresh experience for you.

After all, joy not always costs a lot.

PMQ- rejuvenated building, amazing exprience


*picture source: Discovery Hong Kong

PMQ may still a fresh spot to some Hong Kong citizens; it may take me a few second if you ask me what it is- you can buy something that can never get in shopping malls, you can taste yummy cuisine which only provided here, you can join some fantastic activities that you can never imagine- what stuffs in PMQ is all kinds of extraordinary ideas about better life, now people mostly call this kind of place creativity center.

YOUNG and AVANT may be two key words of this place, but the building of PMQ actually has been standing in Central for more than a hundred years. Originally it was established as a school in 1889. Unfortunately the school was demolished during the World War Ⅱ. In 1951 the building was re-constructed to be the dormitory for Hong Kong Police. After 2000, the police moved out of the dorm and the building remained empty. In May 2014, the site was re-polished into a creativity hub called PMQ and reopen to the public.

Now over 100 creative enterprises and independent artists have been set up their business in PMQ, everyone is welcomed to visit their workshops and share any opinions about the design and products. In addition, many interesting activities are frequently held in PMQ. For instance, the Night Market is a flea market held at night selling all kinds of handcrafts; Leather product workshop is a beginner course for people who want to start to make their own leather wallets.

Canteens in PMQ are also recommended. Restaurants there keep updating their menu and provide some cuisine that you can never imagine cooked with organic and fresh ingredients.

No matter with friends or family, PMQ is exactly the place you would like to go on next weekend!

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Street interview- how you spend your weekends?

We randomly pick people in campus, shopping malls and universities and ask what they often do during weekends, different group have varied results.

P.S.  The group student composed of university students. the group single refers to those who haven’t married who already had a job, family group points to parents with children and aged group includes people over 60.


More young people take weekends as an opportunity to go out for relaxing. Students also take the chance to actively participate in the community activities such as visiting the elderly living alone or some other volunteer activities. For family the first consideration is the children. What the children needs/want to go is the major factor parents consider when deciding what to do during weekends. We should not ignore the aged group which shows that most elderly are not willing to go out because of the inconvenience of moving around. Maybe some facilities can be improved to help those aged people to “walk out” easier.

One-day Farmer- refresh yourself in the field!

Getting bored with the concrete city? Why not return to the field and be a farmer for a day?

Now many vegetable farms in Hong Kong are opening to the public for experiencing the green life.

click the link of FVMCS



then you can find all kinds of fantastic activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.


there’s  a list of farms in different areas providing all kinds of fun, you can not only participate in planting some vegetable but also some interesting workshops.

What’s more, you can also buy some fresh and organic green products back home.

Nice choice for your weekend, isn’t it?  Hurry up and just click in the site to register for your exciting adventure!