Enjoy the Budget Massage with Special Sand in Kiu Tsui Chau

Kiu Tsui Chau Geological Park

Sai Kung is a good place for weekend. Except the well-know seafood restaurants, East/West Dam and the hiking trails, in fact, there is a little-known small island, Kiu Tsui Chau. It is a great place with special landscape. Besides, instead of the several-hundred for taxi fee to the Dam, it only takes $20 to have a round trip there by boat.

It is worth to mention that the sand levee linked the Sharp Island and the Kiu Tsui Chau is a don’t-miss one. When you walk on it you can feel the therapeutic pain on your feet. Actually, it is called tombolo and it is a part of the geologic park. The sand there is a mix of gravel, scree, stones and sand. I call it budget massage when I walk on it with ‘Ouch’. After crossing the tombolo, you can also enjoy amazing landscape of the geological characters on Kiu Tsui Chau. Here is my personal tips for your explorations:

  1. The boat ticket is available in Sai Kung Public Pier;
  2. If your have the sensitive feet, bring a pair of flip flops with you;
  3. PAY ATTENTION TO the tidal level for the safety reasons. More information of the tidal refer to Hong Kong Observatory on http://www.weather.gov.hk/tide/cWAGtide.htm

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