The Beginning of Magic Journey—Disneyland Resort Line

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When visiting Hong Kong, a place which you cannot forget is Disneyland Resort. Compared with Stanley and Sai Kung, it is more convenient for travelers to visit because there is a MTR line called Disneyland Resort Line. Just alight at Sunny Bay from Tung Chung Line, and you can interchange Disneyland Resort Line.

We all know that MTR trains and stations almost look like the same, however the trains to Disneyland and the station there are much different. Therefore, when you travel on Disneyland Resort Line, you start the journey to a magic world.

Let’s see what has been done on the trains for Disneyland. When the train is arriving, you will see many Mickys outside the train which are the windows, and the handrails as well inside the train compartment, and when you look at the ceiling, beautiful blue sky with stars would be found. At that time, we all could forget the real world, the busy work and study. At last, you should notice that you are now in the train to Disneyland, not in the Disneyland, however, the journey just starts, and finally when you leave there, the train will take you back to the modern Hong Kong.

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