Welcome Home, ACG Lovers! —- Wan Chai Comix Home Base

‘The establishment of Comix Home Base not only provides a new cultural landmark in Wan Chai but also brands Wan Chai as Hong Kong’s first art community for homegrown comics and animation, adding much diversity to the district.’ —- Comix Home Base Official Introduction


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It is hard to connect historical buildings together with comics in our imagination, but they succeeded and you can find this ‘masterpiece’ here in Hong Kong!

Comix Home Base is an energetic community covered under a pre-war Grade 2 historic tenement house, combined with studios, galleries and public areas. Follow my words and you’ll be introduced with some most interesting sections of this place!

TOP 4: Animate.  Animate was established in 1985 and was the first-ever major retail and wholesale firm for Japan hobby characters and collectible toys in Hong Kong. I believe that no more introduction is needed and ACG fans will go to get their beloved models automatically, right?

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TOP3: Exhibition Venue. There are several public venues for visitors. The first one is one the ground floor and it is a little square where allow young artists to show there projects. Raising your head, you’ll find big screen on the building that shows cartoon films all the time. The second venue is on the second floor, where smalls tables are provided to draw your own pictures.

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TOP2: Timber Staircase. This is an original apart of this wooden structure building, and somber light, brick wall and steep steps help to form mysterious atmosphere. This corner will definitely inspire you in creations, though it has no relationship with comics.

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TOP1: Comix Salon. This salon is separated into two sections, and both of them are small rooms for relaxation and comic resources scanning. You can stretch your body on the soft sofa and pick out your favourite comic books from the bookcase. Japanese, America and local comic books can be find on the shelf and you can even find autographs of famous cartoonists behind the glass door.

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Can’t wait to visit this place? More information can be found here: http://comixhomebase.com.hk/#/tc//artists/comics_artists/

Address: 7 Mallory Street, Wanchai
Tel: (852) 2824 5303
Email: chb@hkac.org.hk



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