Mommy, I want a TIGER!

We all love animals especially when we were little. We think they are adorable. Some boys love those ones look POWERFUL, such as tigers. It seems in our minds tiger is quite a common animal, very easy to see. In Hong Kong and China we call it “KING OF THE FOREST”. But do you realize there are only LESS THAN 3,200 TIGERS LEFT IN THE WILD? Can you imagine how POWERLESS they are now?

Check out this:

If you are shocked by the truth, luckily, there are people noticed it before you do, and trying to raise money to protect them. The WWF project is called “TIGER ADOPTION”. Of course, you cannot really keep a tiger, but your $300 would greatly help the people to make more tigers survive. And, you DO GET a cute stuffed tiger! Tell your kids that we helped a tiger in Africa, and here is the figure of him! It’s more fun but less dangerous! 🙂

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