Nam Sang Wai is located at Yuen Long, having a stunning mountain and river view. In Chinese saying, it’s a sign of good FengShu. It is also a bird paradise as it is located between two rivers, when low-tide, the mudflats near the land will attract the migratory birds to stay, especially the black-faced spoonbill.

   Black-faced Spoonbill南生圍單車行  Cycling to Nam Sang Wai
(Left: Black-Faced Spoonbill by eugenelimphotography@Flickr; Right: Nam Sang Wai by cyalex@Flickr)

It is one of the best places for photo shooting and picnic. It is suggested to take a bike tour this hidden paradise. Along the route,  you can see natural ecosystems such as mangroves, wetlands, grasslands, trees, ponds, etc.

There is one unique transport you cannot miss – the crossing sampan (橫水渡)! Appreciate the Watertown on the sampan and praise the Lord’s creation.

Find out more about Nam Sang Wai with the video below!!!

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