Red Star Company:Live as a colorful and naive poem


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The meet with that cloth shop is totally  a coincidence. That  day I got lost in  Sham Shui Po and wandered over to the shop, and was  immediately attracted by thousands of different fabrics.

All fabrics are arranged in neat  according to materials differed, and the shop was meanwhile crowded with people who are pointing  here by its fame, and was busying trying to work out a deal or to do some business negotiation.

The  cloth resources are from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan imported.

It is worth mentioning that,  the whole store is owned by  A Yin, who’s  entrepreneurial story  is quite inspiring, from the time living in the side room to now owned two shops in Sham Shui Po, her story is known as a modern version of Sham Shui Po Axin.

Living in a colorful faith, then every day can be a new poetic story.

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(Photos taken by ZOEY YAO)

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